Energy saving tips

Energy saving tips for people in Grimsby and Northern Lincolnshire.

Mayne Gas Heating Ltd is committed to helping people keep on top of their heating bills and find ways for people in Lincolnshire to reduce their carbon footprint.

Climate change and reducing the amount of energy we expend is becoming more of an issue to society as the years progress.

Your bills are probably more expensive than they have ever been, but not everybody can afford to have the latest technology installed in their property to reduce their carbon footprint.

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However, there are a few simple steps you can make to ensure that your energy consumption is as low as possible, which means you will be saving yourself money as well as saving the environment.
Here are a few tips:
  • Turn down your thermostat by just one degree
  • Upgrade your boiler
  • Install better heating controls
  • Regular servicing helps ensure your heating system is running smoothly
  • Switch energy supplier
  • Improve insulation
  • Reduce your heating by 10 minutes in a morning and the same at night
  • Close your curtains to stop heat escaping through the window
  • Keep furniture away from radiators as it can block heat
  • Fix dripping taps
  • Only fill your kettle with as much water as you need for your cup of tea
  • Use half-load or economy programmes on your washing machine if it’s not full
  • Do your washing at 30 degrees Celsius if possible
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