Oil & LPG

Oil & LPG

Oil and LPG boiler installations, servicing & repairs in Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Northern Lincolnshire.

Whether you heat your home with an oil or LPG boiler, Mayne Gas Heating Ltd are here for you.   

Oil & Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) heating systems work in a very similar way to a typical natural gas boiler system. The main difference is that the fuel used must be delivered by lorry and stored on site rather than coming off ‘the grid’.  Both oil and LPG, whilst often the best options, have their advantages, and drawbacks. 

Which is best for you, Oil or LPG?

Typical rural LPG and Oil Tank Installations.
Both fuels are stored in a purpose designed external tank as a liquid, oil is currently slightly cheaper than LPG but that changes regularly. However, LPG is more versatile because it can also be used to fuel your cooker and gas fire, whereas heating oil is usually restricted to the boiler only. Oil appliances and storage tanks are often larger than the gas equivalent, are usually considerably more expensive and require more intensive annual maintenance but can often be cheaper to run in the long term.

Oil tank theft is unfortunately too common, particularly with plastic tanks which are easy to drill and empty very quickly, as are environmental issues caused by oil leaking from old steel tanks or supply pipework entering water courses or drains. LPG tanks can be more demanding to position, however, they can be mounted on surface or buried underground and completely out of sight but will usually need filling up more often than an oil tank of similar size. 

If a tank is not suitable or your gas consumption is low then smaller, more convenient bottles are more easily sited and easy to swap when empty. 

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